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What are the benefit of a VRV/VRF System?
Highly energy efficient, precise temperature control, flexibility in installation, multiple type of indoor units that can be connected to a single ODU, space savings & latest technologies are some of the major benefits compared to conventional air conditioners.
How Does a VRF System Work?
Variable refrigerant flow systems continually adjust the flow of refrigerant to each indoor evaporator. Thus, each indoor evaporator has its own set of controls. The indoor units link to the outdoor unit via control wires. The outdoor unit responds to the heating or cooling demand from the indoor units by manipulating its compressor speed to match the total requirements.
Is VRF system good for home & office use?
VRV systems require little maintenance and are highly reliable. As long as you get the annual maintenance on your VRV air conditioning system as you would for a traditional system, you should notice amazing reliability, energy efficiency and cooling effectiveness from the moment of installation and for years to come.
What happens if one of the indoor units in a VRF system stops working?
Don’t worry even if one indoor unit stops working due to whatever reasons the other units connected to the same system can still continue to work.
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